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Pharmaceutical needs assessment
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Pharmaceutical needs assessment
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Bradford and Airedale Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

 Introduction to the JSNA

This is the third Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) for Bradford and Airedale. It identifies the health and wellbeing needs of the local population and aims to support the development of services which reduce inequalities.


The JSNA includes an executive summary that identifies the most important existing and future needs. The partners have adopted a ‘living document’ approach to the JSNA via this website. By using the titles below you will find summaries of health and wellbeing needs in many areas. The website also acts as a gateway to the data and strategies supporting the JSNA and relevant information available from the Bradford Observatory.

Other Health Needs Assessments covering areas such as Sexual Health, Obesity and the Health of Lesbian, Gay & bisexual people in Bradford are available at the Health Needs Assessment page. 

Click here to go to the Health Needs Assessment page.


 JSNA 2014


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